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Product Warranties & services

  •  Products are sold by are purchased from distributors, suppliers, companies and manufacturers’ e.g., Luminous, Microtek, Sukam, Exide, LG, Whirlpool , Karbon, Panasonic etc…
  • Products sold by us come with manufacturers warranty and GST paid Bill. Manufacturer is not providing us free delivery or installation of products.
  • All products sold on are 100% genuine, original and have different warranties, features and specification as per the manufacturers policy. See the manufacturer policy which is mentioned in products warranty card. Each and every product (Exide, Amaron, Microtek, Luminous, Sukam, whirlpool, karbon, Panasonic, Kent) is solely liable for any promises and warranties made out on the said product. And the manufacturer’s decision over the warranty claim shall be final and binding to the customer.
  • Warranty claims shall not be valid without the Original warranty card & Invoice copy, some manufacturer does not provide Warranty Card, and then only the original invoice must be shown to claim the Warranty.
  • is not liable or responsible for any products warranty issues; this subject is liable and responsible to the products manufacturer. So customer has no right to claim on us or create any dispute to any jurisdiction regarding the products guarantee/warranty whatever so on.
  • will not provide any free services like ” distil water filling in battery, electrical wiring related issues , inverter breakdown repair, dry battery, deep discharge battery, battery routine check , providing battery charger, standby inverter & battery, free inverter repair, inverter fuse blown etc., during the warranty period, because manufacturer does not provide us this type of services.
  • After the warranty period we can provide all the above services to the customers. These services are paid services; you can avail these services by paying the reasonable charges time to time and may get connected with us forever.
  • has reserved the fully right to alter or modify the above mentioned policy at any time without any prior notice. Such policies will be effective instantly after modifying on the web site.

Installation Information

  •  Installation of inverter batteries for location above the ground floor up to second floor (without a working lift) is subject to reasonable labour charges of Rs. 100/-. A working lift is mandatory for installation locations above second floor.
  • During the installation (battery+ Inverter) combo the free installation is limited to connecting the inverter to the mains and battery wire to the inverter only. It doesn’t cover any additional wiring/connections or any electrical accessories like wires, switches, sockets etc., because this is a paid service.
  • During the replacing of old battery to the new one free installation is limited to connecting  battery wire to the inverter only, if there is any electric fault in your inverter or house wiring. In these types of circumstances installation engineer will not repair the inverter and house wiring, so don’t insist him to do such repairs.
  • Call our maintenance helpline number to arrange a paid electrical repair and maintain ace services.
  • Customer shall have to bear the respective extra cost in case of any extra work or electrical item is required during installation, because accessories fitting and fixtures which are not covered under the free installation policy.