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Luminous Inverlast IL1830FP (150 AH Flat Plate Battery)

  1. Best in class Luminous Inverlast series of flat plate batteries with robust design.
  2. Excellent charging aceeptance, low water loss, enchanced life.
  3. Thick Plate construction with special paste formulation for the areas with frequent power cuts.
  4. The battery uses more plates, means more surface area giving more power.
  5. Factory-charged and ready for commissioning.
  6. Suitable for frequent power cut areas where duration of power cuts are short
  7. Extra thick plates ensure long service life.
  8. Suitable to run heavy load for a comparatively short duration.
  9. Customised design low maintenance battery.
  10. Designed for Fast recharge - Ready for next discharge cycle.
  11. Sleek appearance in sealed plastic housing.
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