Indian cooking involves a lot of oil and spices, sautéing and frying. It leaves the eyes watering. Occasional coughing and sneezing bouts are not ruled out when specific spices like dried red chili get fried in oil. And inevitably a lot of grime as a by-product. That’s why having a good-quality chimney in a modern Indian kitchen is a must-have!

Besides causing cough, sneezes, and other irritations frying also releases smoke which also makes the nearby walls look dirty. In today’s fast-moving world, who has the time to clean the kitchen walls daily? That’s another reason to buy a chimney for your kitchen.

According to our research team, In 2017, the Indian Kitchen Chimney market stood at approximately 700-800 crores (INR), with a projected annual growth rate of 14% during 2017-2023. A lot of brands believe 2020 to be a significant year and are expecting a growth of around 22% this year.

Several factors are fuelling this growth:

  • Increasing urbanization
  • Apartment-style housing that is more suitable for modular kitchens.
  • Disposable income in the hands of the expanding Indian middle class and changing lifestyles are some such factors. 

Competition is growing faster than the market, probably. Domestic brands are fighting for space with multinational ones both in physical stores and the online marketplace. Choice can become difficult.

This article can help you make up your mind. We present a ready reckoner on kitchen chimneys in the Indian market in this article, organized for your reading and decision making pleasure.