Luminous Power Technologies has launched their new TVC campaign featuring brand ambassador Sachin Tendulkar. Through this campaign, created by 82.5 Communications, Luminous intends to draw more attention to its long-lasting inverter batteries, in a striking, unconventional and appealing manner.

The film tells the story of a scrappy young underdog whose strength and determination exceeds the viewers’ expectations. Set in the context of a ‘Kabaddi’ match playing out in the narrow street lanes of a humble locality, the film tends to make the audience feel nostalgic, while also reinforcing its core proposition, and leaving a smile on their faces. This, coupled with Sachin Tendulkar’s trustworthy and likeable on-screen presence, successfully drives the point home.

Talking about the new campaign, Sachin Tendulkar says, “It is always a pleasure to be part of Luminous campaigns, and this one is all the more special, as it took me back to my childhood memories. While shooting, I could relate so much with the children and their stupendous energy levels. Their zeal and passion reminded me of my days of practicing with my Guru and mentor – Achrekar Sir. The fervor was such that even in the dark and barely visible grounds, I couldn’t keep myself from practicing. Relating this vigour to the long-lasting inverter batteries is Genius and yet so seamless. Working on this campaign was a great experience altogether and I look forward to more such campaigns in the years to come.”

Introducing the new campaign, Sachin Bhalla, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Luminous Power Technologies said, “Luminous is considered one of the most reliable brands when it comes to inverters and batteries. Our campaigns so far have been focused more on our inverters than our batteries. Through our new campaign, we wish to put emphasis on Luminous’ high-performance batteries which are amongst the longest lasting batteries in the country. We are thankful to Sachin for his continued patronage with the brand. His presence on the screen brings great value and helps us building a greater brand connect with our end users.”

Talking about the campaign’s concept, Sumanto Chattopadhyay, Chairman and CCO, 82.5 Communications said, “Kabaddi is a quintessentially Desi sport in which a player must ‘raid’ the opponents’ side while resisting being tackled, and then return to his side safely, all in one breath. We have drawn a parallel between this demonstration of endurance with that of long-lasting Luminous batteries. Sachin Tendulkar endorses the brand with genuine warmth and enthusiasm.”

Chandana Agarwal, President, 82.5 communications added: “Working on communications for inverters and batteries is never easy as they tend to get very dull and clinical. This time fortunately for us, we had a very interesting brief which was single minded and emphasized long lasting inverter batteries. We took this as an opportunity to humanize the product and bring about humor and nostalgia alongside our key proposition. We have attempted to make it crisp and universally understood. We had a great time working on the creatives as it brought out the child in all of us and we hope that it brings out the same emotion in everyone who sees it.”

According to Mayur Varma, Executive Creative Director & Creative head, 82.5 Communications, “A kid with long-lasting enthusiasm. A cricketer with a long-lasting career. Perfect ingredients for an ad for Luminous long-lasting Inverter Batteries.”

Sachin Tendulkar was roped in as the brand ambassador for Luminous Power Technologies in 2010. The company has recently extended its partnership with Sachin by another five years till 2024.